WP-8W Control Panel - White (CAM / CAS-16)

Control Panel - White (CAM / CAS-16)


The WP-8 remote control plate is a dedicated wall mounting unit that is compatible with the CAM-16 / CAS-16 Headphone Distribution System. The WP-8 allows users to select the music level and music source whilst monitoring the signal though stereo headphones and/or low power speakers.

The WP-8 is aimed at multiple applications including tanning suites and treatment rooms where users may wish to listen to any one of the eight available programmes.

In addition to the headphone socket output the WP-8 has two external outputs on the rear panel. These can provide 150mW of power (stereo) or 300mW of power (mono) into 8ohm loudspeakers and can also provide a line level signal (with the addition of 1k ohm resistors) allowing them to be used to drive active loudspeakers or a separate amplifier. 

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