Santoku Restaurant, Accra, Ghana

Santoku Restaurant, Accra, Ghana

Santoku Restaurant, Ghana

The Santoku Restaurant is a modern Japanese restaurant bringing sophisticated quality dining to a growing international client base living in and visiting Accra, Ghana. Developed by Nabil Moukarzel in conjunction with the Gorgeous Group, the restaurant offers public, private and al fresco dining at the heart of the Villagio Vista development in Ghana’s capital Accra. 

CGA Integration Consultancy in Bracknell, Berkshire, a specialist consultancy in sound, light and video systems were engaged to design, supply and install a complete audio system for the Santoku Restaurant. 

Consideration for the design for the audio system for the Santoku restaurant had to be given to the noise pollution element of the installed solution as the restaurant forms part of a residential development. Added to which the difficult environmental conditions including the immense heat and fluctuating power supply in the region meant that equipment choice was critical. CGA Integration needed to ensure all of the equipment chosen for the project was durable enough to withstand the difficult conditions yet still able to deliver excellent sound quality to compliment the Gorgeous Group’s design aspirations for the Santoku restaurant.


A multi-zone audio system was designed by CGA Integration for the Santoku restaurant installed across the restaurant, bar, lounge, terrace, washroom and private dining areas.

A Cloud DCM-1 Digitally Controlled Zone-mixer linked to several four-channel Cloud VTX-series amplifiers in turn connected to Electro-Voice Evid C4.2 and C4.8 ceiling loudspeakers allowed for even coverage of sound across all of the different zones. A Cloud CX-335 Compressor Limiter was also used to control maximum sound levels which was to prove essential to minimise sound transfer to surrounding residential properties including above the restaurant. 

The Cloud VTX amplifiers are fitted with the optional WM-1 Web monitor card, allowing CGA Integration to monitor critical performance information from the installed amplifiers from anywhere in the world.

Five Cloud CDR-1 Wall Control plates linked to the Cloud DCM-1 provided simple but flexible user interface for the staff of the restaurant.


“We are delighted with the sound system installed by CGA Integration” commented Marcus Etty, General Manager of Santoku Restaurant. “Not only was the system installed on time but the CGA Integration team has worked professionally and efficiently throughout”.

For further information you can also visit the CGA Integration website here.