Raynes Park High School, London, UK

Raynes Park High School, London, UK

Q4 2016, Raynes Park High School recruit the services of specialist AV installer Clarity in Sound Light & Vision Ltd to install a Cloud multi-zone paging system across five separate buildings, providing zonal back-ground music, multi-zone paging systems and wireless roaming microphone facility to work alongside Bosch Plena fire-alarm system.

Raynes Park High School is a mixed comprehensive school for 12-16 year old pupils able to accommodates up to 1400 pupils. Currently employing 120 members of staff the school is proud to offer pupils access to an on-site Autism Centre, SEND Department, Sixth Form and Sports Centre.

The paging systems implemented by Clarity in Sound, Light & Vision allow the school to page zones individually or call-all zones. Staff can make announcements in all of the separate buildings to the main building, including the Sixth Form block, the sports hall and the D&T building, in addition to the sports fields and playground areas.

Clarity in Sound Light & Vision Ltd installed a Cloud DCM-1 Digital Zone Mixer alongside a number of Cloud 100V multichannel amplifiers.

Stuart Graham, managing director for Clarity comments, “We installed a number of Cloud high-impedance amplifiers providing us with sixteen channels of 100V output across eight zones. A number of the loudspeaker cable runs are up to 300 metres in length running in underground conduit beneath the playground and sports pitch areas”.

“With nearly 150 loudspeakers located in corridors and strategic points around separate buildings, and with some of the buildings quite a distance from the other, we have to be confident the output from each channel of each amplifier is able to provide the required output in each zone”, continues Graham.

“We consulted the technical department at Cloud Electronics and are satisfied the Cloud amplifiers are suitable for this project. The access contacts built into Cloud products also simplifies the process of integration of a Cloud DCM-1 and Cloud PM-8SA paging microphones with a Bosch Plena system, a solution we have implemented in Schools, Colleges and Universities on a number of occasions”, adds Graham.

In addition to two Cloud PM-8SA paging microphones, Clarity installed a Sennheiser wireless radio microphone system for event announcements on the move. The wireless microphone located strategically in a fire safety box at one of the exits allows nominated members of staff access to the wireless microphone to make announcements over the paging system.

The paging system assists pupils and staff at Raynes Park on a general day-to-day basis with school assembly timing announcements, lunch break timings, lesson changes and with parents collecting children, ensuring they meet at the same gate (the school has 3 separate entrances).

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