Marston Green Tavern, Birmingham, UK

Marston Green Tavern, Birmingham, UK

Creative Retail Entertainment Services in Reading chose a 44/50 4-Zone Mixer Amplifier from Cloud Electronics for an installation at Marston Green Tavern in Birmingham in 1999, as the installation required an affordable but flexible and reliable option.

Making a routine service visit nearly 12 years later in 2011 Creative Retail discovered faith in the Cloud 44/50 had been well placed. Even though the Cloud 44/50 had been in use in a tough environment for 7 days a week it was still working. The service engineers did however notice a slight reduction in output from Channels 1 and 3 and decided to return the Cloud 44/50 to Cloud Electronics for closer inspection.

After the neccesary hoover out of 12 years of accumulated dust the service engineers at Cloud Electronics replaced the amplifier's fan, a few low-cost capacitors and an IC for safe measure and promptly returned the 44/50 to Creative Retail Entertainment Services for return to the Marston Tavern for another 12 years service - testimony to the reliability of products from Cloud Electronics indeed.

(NB - The Cloud 44/50 Mixer Amplifier is now available with additional inputs and known as the Cloud 46/50 Mixer Amplifier)

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