BE-1W Balanced Input Module - White (DCM-1 / DCM-1e)

Balanced Input Module - White (DCM-1 / DCM-1e)


The BE-1 Balanced Line Level Active Input Plate. Available in a Black or White Finish and compatible with: DCM-1/DCM-1e Digital Control Zone Mixer.  

The BE-1M is used to provide local stereo balanced line-level inputs in a zone allowing professional audio equipment such as mixing consoles, DI boxes or broadcast equipment to be connected directly to the Cloud DCM-1/DCM-1e.

The BE-1M connects to one of four RJ45 input ports on a DCM-1/DCM-1e via a single screened CAT-5 cable. These replace the equivalent Line Inputs and can be associated with 1-4 Groups as part of a Room Combining System.

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